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Kostamos Yiacoumis

Kostamos Yiacoumis was born in August 1984 in New Halkidona-Athens


At the age of 7, he started his musical education by taking piano lessons. He did not finish his piano studies but the fire of music was burning strong inside him, and at the age of 15 Kostamos decided to study drums.

Since 2005, Kostamos has been a professional drummer and has collaborated with several notable musicians and singers such as Kostas Chronopoulos, Vox, Giannis Markopoulos, Manos Ksidous, No Balance, Teresa Panagiotopoulos, Nikos Georgousakis/M51, KARMA, and The Secret. He began teaching drums at Handrou Conservatory in 2007, as well as private lessons.
In September 2010, Kostamos and The Secret won first place in the -EUROVOICE- contest with their song In the Arms of My Angel. Kostamos moved to Austin, Texas (USA) in February 2013 to continue his musical career. Since then, he has played with many Austin musicians as well as being a member of One World (R)evolution. They are presently in the studio recording their upcoming album, expected for release in 2015.
Kostamos has appeared on:
2005 - Kostas Chronopoulos - San mia photografia - (UNIVERSAL)
2007 - Kostas Chronopoulos - Den exw idea - (EMI)
2008 - No Balance - "When Everybody's Gone" - (Playfalse rec.)
2008 - Waterpipes - "Waterpipes" - (IMPACT )
2009 - Kostas Chronopoulos - "Kalinyxta Barney" - (LEGEND)
2011 - BOUND AFFAIRS - "Bound Affairs" - (AEPI)
Venues Kostamos has played: Stauros tou Notou, Arxitektoniki, Oksygono, Eksedra, Mousiki Skini ,Ston aera, Onoma tou Rodou, Alavastron, Stigma Club, Ghost House, After Dark, Mad Club, Rodeo, Bo, Dekko, House of Art, Gagarin, Vertigo, Mylos, Anw-Katw, Athinwn Arena, Theatro Vraxwn, Theatro Petras etc.

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