Professional Sessionist Drummer

Christos started to work professionally in 2002 as a member of the band Delightfull and after that he collaborated in various bands such as No Sequence, ΑΝΑΧΑΠΑΡΑ, Ghost season ( EP Ghost like her), Countdown. Recently he is performing as a member of the band The Black Capes, a new gothic rock band which consists of Alex S. Wamp vox, Thanos Jan guitar, Irene Ketikidi guitar, Chris Rusty bass. Their debut album All These Monsters (2017) delivers a spooky and unsetting gothic hard rock sound and has already been introduced at the top ten of the Deutche Alternative Charts. Moreover, Orkus German magazine has announced them as “the BAND of the month” for June 2017. There are few Chris secrets to achieving a fulfilling career as a session drummer vast amounts of practice and playing, a good work ethic. Create good independence and play melodies , driven by the addition of innovation in all kinds of music with experimentation at high and low speeds to produce something creative .
Christos Grekas
Drummer for The Black Capes
The idea of a gothic rock band with new elements and a modern twist was born in the mind of Alex S Wamp (frontman for the sludge metal act “Potergeist”) after noticing the goth fans complaining that no new bands appear in the goth genre.