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Bill Stavrianidis is an extreme metal drummer that have played in many Greek bands like TWILIGHT, TERRORDROME, HEAD CLEANER, DISEMBOWEL, EMERALD SUN, STAVROS KRITIKOS BAND, DIAOLOU KALSA he focused on technical blast beats and double basses playing with many live shows all over the world.

Billy has record many studio albums over the years...TWILIGHT and with the twilight they return CD/LP '1999 , sculpting darkness EP7' 2017, DISEMBOWEL - promo 96, promo 97, zero turns to one CD 1999, core CD 2009, TERRORDROME - vehement convulsion CD 2008,begetters of fear and ruin CD 2010 ,seeds of fear ,begotten EP "7 2012, day of sacrilege CD 2012 ,HEAD CLEANER - the protest CD 2011, resistance...MCD 2012, of warms and men CD 2013 , split LP 2014, live at Massroom studio CD 2014, EMERALD SUN Kingdome of gods CD 2020 coming soon...Billy took place for many opening acts for great bands like DEICIDE, OBITUARY, MARDUK, MAYHEM, RAGE, FIREWIND, SIRENIA, BEHEMOTH, BOLT THROWER, PESTILENCE, MALEVOLENT CREATION , BENEDICTION and many more....a great idea was to use some traditional Greek Rhythms and adjust them to extreme metal music...with great experimentations on rhythms and new sounds....more great things are coming....stay tuned

Bill Stavrianidis uses Optimizers, Starter Pack and 60 mm 80 mm 90 mm Moderators and Chromatics Green foams.

CYMPAD Chromatic cymbal washers come in a wide selection of color options that allow drummers to contrast, compliment and customize the look of their drum and cymbal sets. And, because they are made from CYMPAD’s exclusive high-density, cellular “Memory” foam, Chromatics also provide significant sound and performance enhancements when compared to old-fashioned felt washers. Uniform in size and shape, Chromatics are durable, colorful and recommended for the tops and bottoms of cymbals in all drumming styles and situations.

Available in Optimizer, Moderator and Chromatic Series,
Cympads are an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands.Cympad Optimizer cymbal washers are made from a premium quality cellular foam material and are a major improvement over conventional felt washers.